Presbyterian Lay Elders Declares PSWP Apostate!

The organization Presbyterian Lay Elders has declared the Presbytery of Silly Walks in the Pines Apostate. The Presbyterian Lay Elders is a murky organization of people who publish a newspaper and maintain a website that “keeps the Presbyterian Church pure and humorless.”
Rumor has it that the Lay Elders are funded by the powerful Washington D.C. think tank Faith, Democracy and Power.

Speaking at the annual conference of Angry Presbyterians Parker Willie stated, “This new non-geographical menace of secular liberalism called the Presbytery of Silly Walks must be stopped to save the Historic Reformed tradition from damnation. There is nothing about silly walks in either the Biblical canon or the Institutes of Christian Religion by John Calvin. They are clearly apostate and are deviating from our church’s historic and biblical traditions.”

One person in the Presbyterian Lay Elder’s list is our own Sister Frances Wolverton. After the wedding of her niece she was flippantly to have said, “What is the matter with Gay’s?”

With a rising voice Parker boomed, “Frances Wolverton has wondered what is the matter with Gays. I will tell you what the matter is, there is no reference to their acceptance in the Apostles Creed.”

When ask if she was concerned the Generally Executive Presbyter Georgia Smith of PSWP stated, “The Presbyterian Lay Elders are still around? I hope it gets us a lot of exposure. Maybe more people will join the presbytery.”

We will keep you posted on the latest developments.


3 Responses to “Presbyterian Lay Elders Declares PSWP Apostate!”

  1. Drew Tatusko Says:

    this is like the badge of truth – for the layMAN to call us apostate. the Lord must be truly with thee. praise be.

  2. Molly Douthett Says:

    I remember way back when at the 214th GA (2001), we were full of glee if the Layman mentioned us. We referred to it as “being laid”. There were a lot of smiling people running around at that assembly, I can assure you.

  3. BobbieMcG Says:

    Tryout for writer of PLE

    Well I Know that he said that she said that they were seen doing all of these things and that there is no way that it can be right for them to do so. So, in case I needed too I took some photos so that I can prove that when they said they weren’t they really were.

    The facts are true and the Bible says so. somewhere… i bet it does somewhere

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