Clown Alert!


The state police have just informed us that there is a fake clown visiting many of our churches. For years the well loved Christian the Christlike Clown has entertained our Sunday School kids at Rally Days from First Presbyterian church of Waller Creek to First Presbyterian of Altoona. Underneath the make-up has been our presbytery’s own thespian Rev. Stewart Pollock. Yet recently at a Presbyterian Woman tea a man in a clown suit claiming to be Christian drunkenly interrupted the Horizon’s Bible study on Ruth: The Power of a Hug.

Attending the Saturday tea was our own sister Frances Wolverton who said, “I was so frightened all I could think was, Lordy, this is it.”

When he only poured the remaining Lemon bars into an oversized clown pocket and exited all the women made a sigh of relief.

If anyone fitting the profile of the imposter Christian shows up to your church’s moon bounce with balloons call the police immediately. Better safe than sorry when it comes to rogue clowns.


3 Responses to “Clown Alert!”

  1. Rev. Kate Says:

    ooo. that might be my uncle george. i’m sorry. he does make most excellent balloon animals, though.

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