Ground breaking began on First Presbyterian Church of Pecan Sandy’s new educational wing. The heavy equipment was brought in to move earth shortly after Pastor Zimmer and a representative from Pecan Sandy’s mayor’s office shoveled the first clay from the ground.

Zimmer proclaimed with excitement, “with this building we will begin the process of bringing back Sunday School to our broken community. It will be as full as we remember the 1950’s. As the education denomination Presbyterians have always prided themselves with having classrooms and equipment for any child who might happen to walk through the doors.”

When asked what she thought about the new opportunities at Sunday School young First Presbyterian High Schooler Erma Lynn DeCaprio admitted, “I haven’t really been to Sunday School in a few years. There are just so many other fun things to do on Sunday. I hope this new building will be fun. Will there be a room that is only for youth?”

Pastor Zimmer affirmed that it would be foolish to trust youth with a room of their own and assured the Presbytery staff that only church elders would be the best at deciding what goes on in the new building.

Elders of First Church listen to Pastor Zimmer’s Remarks


3 Responses to “Groundbreaking!”

  1. Leon Bloder Says:

    This is funny because it’s true. Which isn’t funny. And although that photo doesn’t accurately resemble my current Session, it does accurately represent (including the facial expressions) the groups of people who recently harangued me when I deigned to suggest that our ineffective church secretary be asked to “retire.” There was definitely a marked difference between the ages of those who opposed my suggestion and those who didn’t.

  2. pastorofdisaster Says:

    This has been my sole experience in the Presbyterian church. I wish that it wasn’t.

  3. Drew Tatusko Says:

    i think nukes should be used for the ground breaking. get it done before the session kicks the bucket.

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