PW’s of PSWP Party Like It’s 1939!

PW Silly Hats

At First Presbyterian Church of the Calvary they are partying like it was 1939! As the Women of First gear up for the national PW Churchwide Gathering held by our denomination they thought a social get together was in order. So, they hit the church storage room to find vintage clothing for their party. You see, First used to be the center of a vibrant community theater in the 1930’s through the 1950’s and of course the church could never part with such valuable props.

“The costumes were a little bit musty, but the hats were the big hit” Eleanor Tyler reported.

“It was fun to see what was in that room, we have a tendency to put things in it and they are never seen again.” Said Calvary’s PW moderator Cindy Bolbach.

Each member of Calvary’s PW will be attending the national Churchwide Gathering in Louisville, Kentucky on July 11-15 and will be part of the proud PSWP contingent. If you want to show your pride you can purchase PW of PSWP swag at


4 Responses to “PW’s of PSWP Party Like It’s 1939!”

  1. Lisa Says:

    And I assume they will be wearing these lovely hats. Hats, we need to bring them back!

  2. Elwood Says:

    How did you know I was a hat girl? Serious hat girl.


  3. pastorofdisaster Says:


    That is why we get along so well.

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