Continuing Education For Clergy and Lay Leaders

PSWP will be holding some continuing education events for its clergy and lay leaders on July 22 starting at noon at First Cloudy Creek Presbyterian Church.  Uncle Eustice will be available for childcare.  Be warned, he will be fully clowned for fun!

12-1 The value of seeming to listen: Pastoral Care for the 21st Century  (Franz Bibfeldt)

1-2  Why there hasn’t been good theology since Karl Barth  (TBA)

2-3  Social Networking: Can it grow my church (Rev. Jim Bonewald)

3-4  The next generation: how to make them just like us.  (Rev. Carol Howard Merritt)

4-4:11 Worship (Rev. Melissa DeRosia)

Come with a heart and mind ready to learn!


6 Responses to “Continuing Education For Clergy and Lay Leaders”

  1. Drew Tatusko Says:

    Can we include a “So You Think You Can Preach?” contest to raise some money for the homeless? We need to have a crabby British judge and an annoying crazy woman to fit the bill though.

  2. pastorofdisaster Says:

    By all means we should.

  3. Mark Says:

    If you can squeeze it in, I’d like to add a pre-seminar on Blogging: How to Increase Gossip Information Efficiency

  4. pastorofdisaster Says:

    Sounds good. Are you teaching it?

  5. Dianna Ott Says:

    No continuing education event is complete without someone from national staff in Louisville there to bring greetings.

  6. pastorofdisaster Says:



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